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Affordable ceiling panels for top-notch room acoustics

Customized ceiling panels to improve the aural and visual appeal of your property

Cost-effective ceiling panels are a sound solution for noise reduction

The right ceiling panels in the interiors serve many benefits. Whether it is an auditorium with a large audience, a classroom full of children or a conference hall with a large gathering, the sound created inside can reflect on surfaces like concrete walls and floors, creating reverberations that interfere with the actual audio. These reverberations, when not controlled, can become a distraction and spoil the auditory experience of the people occupying the space. This is why, installing sound-absorbing ceiling panels is essential to reduce the unwanted sound reflections that are usually caused in large halls with huge crowds.

To help you maintain the ideal reverberation time and create that perfect auditory experience for your guests, students or employees, we offer a variety of acoustic panels for ceilings that can effectively absorb sounds in different frequency ranges.

Specially designed ceiling panels for the desired ambience

Besides improving the quality of sound, you can also improve the ambience in your office, restaurant or a theatre by choosing panels with designs and styles that match your building?s architecture. Our expert designers will help you choose panels from a variety of colours, shapes and sizes, to make sure that all your acoustic and aesthetic needs are met.

Timely and accurate installation of ceiling panels

Our employees are professional design engineers and craftsmen who believe in providing the best quality products and services to all customers. With years of experience in installing ceiling and wall panels for, our engineers will make sure that the work is completed perfectly and on time, as per your requirements.

Contact us today for more details

To know more about the acoustic panels we offer for ceilings, walls and cabinet doors, call us today at +41 (0)41 679 73 73 or fax us at +41 (0)41 679 73 79. Otherwise, you can also post your queries or questions by filling in our contact form for ceiling panels.

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