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Effective ceiling paneling for excellent acoustics

Reliable ceiling paneling solutions for offices, schools, auditoriums and restaurants

Our ceiling paneling solutions offer you the desired acoustic environment

How good the ceiling paneling of an auditorium, gymnasium or lecture hall is will determine the extent to which unwanted reverberations and echoes are cancelled out. Sound waves of different frequencies hitting the walls and ceilings of closed spaces can produce undesirable effects that disturb the aural pleasure of the indoor place in question. This is why ceiling paneling assumes so much importance when deciding the interior decor of commercial establishments.

The ceiling surfaces that we produce not only absorb superfluous sounds effectively but also enhance the visual appeal of the interiors. With our paneling solutions, you can conduct important business meetings, concerts, basketball games and lectures without worrying about the acoustic environment of the space.

Choices in ceiling paneling are many and varied

Do you want a classic style, a square or filigree profile, or perhaps a distinctive wood paneling design? We have all these and more, giving you ample choice to plan the look, feel and acoustic quality of your rooms with a lot of flexibility. Depending on the sound absorption levels you desire for different frequencies, we can suggest the equivalent paneling solution. With us, you get the best combination of beauty and acoustic comfort.

Get ceiling paneling done from experts in the field

For quality ceiling and wall paneling, schools, health centres, concert halls, offices and homes turn to us. As specialists in the field, we leverage our experience and skill to provide effective and timely solutions to all our clients. One of our prestigious projects includes producing ceilings of acoustical excellence for Dubai?s Burj Khalifa- the world?s tallest building. We can transform the look and acoustics of your indoor space exactly how you desire.

Contact us today

Get in touch with us at +41 (0)41 679 73 73 to find how we can help you with your acoustic needs. You can also fax us at +41 (0)41 679 73 79 or fill our contact form for ceiling paneling to get all your queries answered quickly.

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