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Quality acoustic panelling for effective sound absorption

Different acoustic panelling solutions to meet your requirements

Effective acoustic panelling for all types of interior settings

The acoustic panelling needs of schools, music halls, offices and restaurants are different. We offer a variety of acoustic wall and ceiling panelling solutions, meeting our clients? expectations every time. Our extensive choice in panel design, finishes and perforation patterns (we also offer non-perforated borders) allows clients to pick the exact look they want for their walls and ceilings. From formaldehyde-free wooden panels to non-flammable ones, we cover safety and hygiene concerns that clients may have. There are many wood panelling options that you can explore when you partner with us.

Effective acoustic panelling blocks redundant sounds

Good acoustic panelling in the interiors regulates the transmitted sounds properly and keeps them free of unwanted reverberations. Our panels provide effective sound absorption and ensure that your acoustical environment is how you want it to be. We provide visually appealing panels that handle sound waves of low, medium and higher frequencies. Depending on the sound absorption co-efficient that best meets your needs, we can suggest a corresponding acoustic solution.

Experienced acoustic panelling experts of repute

High quality acoustical panelling is assured when you choose us to be your trusted partner. We are specialists in the field, and recognized for our top-notch work spanning commercial and residential properties. decorative panels from topakustik that adorn auditoriums, concert halls, gymnasiums and workplaces have impeccable sound absorption qualities. We enjoy a good reputation and have been contracted to produce sound-absorption ceiling finishes for the world-famous Burj Khalifa skyscraper. You can rely on us to complete your project on time and with no hassles.

Get in touch with us

Contact us today at +41 (0)41 679 73 73 to make your interior space acoustically-rich and attractive with quality wooden panels. Alternately, you can fax us at +41 (0)41 679 73 79 or fill our contact form for acoustic panelling to get information and answers to all your questions. We hope to hear from you soon.

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